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A man assessing the Construction health and safety of a project

Intensive inspections to ensure you are up to standards

Are you undertaking a major construction project and require an inspector to observe completed areas during different stages? Our inspectors are able to complete a range of checks to ensure that your project is up to standard, minimising the chance of defects.


Leopards Associates Ltd are by your side, every step of the way throughout your project.

With many years of advising builders and contractors on large construction sites in the Essex area, you can expect thorough and detailed inspections, including:


- Snagging - checking completed areas for minor defects

- Construction progress - ensuring stages are completed on time

- Construction material inspections - including equipment

Step-by-step construction checks

We are well - versed in all aspects of construction projects and health and safety, therefore you can rest assured that together we will make sure your project is meeting demands and specific standards.


Contact our experienced inspectors for construction and tenancy inspections today on 07985 637 589.

Knowing your construction demands and standards

"We will check over your building plans with expert precision and a keen eye

for details"

Do you need your completed construction inspecting for any possible minor faults to ensure that the project is up to standard? Feel free to contact us.


Two men assessing the construction progress of a project A man surveying a construction project